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Our Story

Families & Community Support Service (FCSS) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and Not-for-profit organization that links individuals, families, and the community. FCSS exists to provide support for individuals and families to access health, social care, housing options, employment, further education, vocational/ training, welfare benefits, support for disabled people; particularly, those with long term conditions, such as mental health complications and learning disabilities.

families and community support service


To provide a place called home for the homeless, particularly adult care leavers in order to fulfill their potentials.

To promote equality and diversity through advocacy for the benefit of the community.

families and community support service


We support our clients to prevent them from becoming homeless and sustain their existing tenancies.

We build relationships with the community to increase awareness and understanding of homelessness and its impact and empathize with individuals who experience it.

We Promote equality and diversity by providing advocacy; advocate for policy change, empowerment and support victims.

Let's Join Hands

We may not be able to help everyone but together, we can help someone.

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